Enabling PDF Share Forms workflow actions for SharePoint Online

Applies To: Cloud


Some business cases and scenarios requires advanced logic, which includes SharePoint workflows to push process through multiple people involved in scenario or do additional actions like calculations, notifications and population.

PDF Share Forms provides additional workflow actions to enhance user workflow experience and give users additional possibilities like creating prepopulated PDF forms, updating existing PDF forms, sending emails with attachments and other useful actions.

Additional workflow actions can be enabled by adding site level solution package to site solutions:

Step 1. Downloading workflow solution package

Step 1.1 Open Dashboard under Administrator permissions and find “Admin Overview” section

Note: PDF Share forms Cloud permissions are defined in “User and Roles” section of “Settings” tab in Dashboard.

Step 1.2 Click on “configure” link near “Workflow actions” and download workflow solution by clicking on “Download workflow solution” hyperlink.

Step 2. Enabling workflow solution package

Step 2.1 Open “Solutions” of “Web Designer Galleries” section in “Site Settings

Note: In some cases, “Web Designer Galleries” section does not contain “Solutions”. This happens when custom scripts are set to “not allowed” to run. Click here for more information:

Step 2.2 Upload workflow solution package and activate it

Step 2.3 Then activate site level feature “PDFShareForms 2013 Cloud Workflow Actions” located in “Manage site features” menu in “Site Actions” section of “Site settings”:

Step 2.4 As the result, following actions will appear in SharePoint Designer

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