Privacy statement

Applies To: Cloud

What information do we collect?

PDFSF Cloud application does not collect information from PDF forms that are submitted by internal or external users.

The only information that is stored on PDFSF Cloud server side are templates and template configurations.

NOTE: Form Template specifies the layout, data capturing and final presentation rules of a form. Template allows adding functionality to a form by adding objects, such as a place to enter text, or a button for saving data in SharePoint Online, etc. When users fill out a form, they are actually filling out a PDF form file, which is based on a form template.

PDFSF Cloud does not store final documents that are submitted by users. As soon as submit button is clicked, document is directly passed to a destination library in SharePoint Online.

NOTE2: Draft functionality allows saving user's form fill-in progress for completion at a later time. These partially completed forms are stored on PDFSF Cloud server. In order to find out about enabling\disabling draft functionality check Enabling drafts in PDF forms

Enhanced security

Enhanced security service can be purchased as an extra feature to go with a subscription plan.

When a user applies for PDFSF Cloud trial we ask them to select a region where they are located. That defines which of our databases will host the application.

Enhanced security option provides customers additional freedom of configurations when working with PDFSF Cloud. This functionality allows customers to configure database on their end and connect it to PDFSF Cloud.

This way ALL product configurations are stored in customers dedicated database. Each time when someone from customer’s tenant accesses PDFSF Cloud it automatically uses customers dedicated database and works only with it.

Database requirement: MSSQL 2016


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