How and why to use anonymous submit?

Most common scenario

The most common scenario for PDF Share Forms Gateway is to enable anonymous submission of PDF forms to the secured SharePoint site. It enables external (unauthenticated) users to submit data without having credentials to the SharePoint site.


Gateway is useful only for cases with external users?

Even if you don’t want to have “anonymous” form submission, PDF Share Forms Gateway can play a valuable role in your organization. For example, you may allow submission of forms using Adobe Reader as a standalone application. This scenario assumes end-user opens a PDF form (let’s say it is stored in Shared Network folder) in Adobe Reader, fill-in the form and submits it. Since users works outside browser session, this user is considered “external” to SharePoint, even though the user is authenticated with your AD. In this example, PDF Share Forms Gateway will work as a proxy between SharePoint and end-user. The component (PDFSF Gateway) can be deployed in your local area and does not have external access (outside, public) and still be a valuable tool in your organization.


I’ve seen enabled gateway settings in my template settings – does it mean that my form can be submitted anonymously?

The “Enable gateway” setting does not affect any security settings of the form or the document library on SharePoint level. Even if it is checked and enables gateway, the actual submission will work only when the Gateway component is installed, properly configured and running in IIS and the component’s account has enough permissions to the particular target.

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