Installing PDF Share Forms Information Worker using installer (Advanced installation)

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019


Installation Process

PDF Share Forms Information Worker has to be installed in your SharePoint farm. Usually the installation process happens on the SharePoint server, which hosts the Central Administration.

Step order:

  1. Install PDF Share Forms Information Worker package;
  2. Configure PDF Share Forms Information Worker;
  3. Test the installation

During the installation and configuration process you might need to perform “iiserset /noforce” command a few times.

Installation folder structure

Installation folder has the following sub-folders:


Contains combined installer for the main PDF Share Forms solution parts:

  • PDF Share Forms Information Worker, which is a base framework for PDF forms SharePoint components. It is a SharePoint solution that provides common infrastructure, such as content type management, security, logging and high availability.
  • PDF Forms Designer, which is a part of the PDF Share Forms Information Worker WSP solution that is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and provides the tools to build, integrate and share form templates. PDF Forms Designer is hosted inside a browser.


Contains documentation.

Installing PDF Share Forms

Step 1. In the folder 01-PDFShareForms.IW run “Setup” and click “Next” in the Setup Wizard dialog window:


Step 2. Please read the End-User License Agreement and check the accept check box


Click Next.

Step 3. Setup Wizard checks the System if solution can be installed on the selected machine


Click “Next” once the verification is complete.

Step 4. Choose Advanced Installation type:


Click Next.

Step 5. Select components to install


Click Next.

Step 6. Setup validates that the solution is present in the installer and can be installed


If no errors are displayed, click Next.

Step 7. Select SharePoint sites where to activate features necessary for PDF Share Forms Information Worker


Click Next.

Step 8. Select Install PDFSF Redis Cache. More about Redis cache here: Caching Providers


Click Next.

Step 9. Select Create new web site and application pool in order to start configuring new web site and application pool for Gateway service


Use existing web site – use this option if you want to create IIS site yourself or you already had PDF Share Forms installed before and you want to reuse the site.

Note: DO NOT install Gateway to SharePoint server. Gateway should be installed on any separate Windows Server.

Click Next.

Step 10. If you selected to install “PDF Share Forms Gateway”, next step will present options to deploy this component. Specify new application pool and new web site configurations


IIS New Application Pool settings:

  • Name - name of the application pool that will be created for the web application;
  • Account name - managed account name. This account will be used to communicate with SharePoint and will be assigned “Contribute” permissions on SharePoint site;
  • Account password - password for specified account.

IIS New Web Site settings:

  • Name - name of IIS site that will be displayed in IIS manager;
  • Web Site binding settings - domain name for the web application;
  • Port - port number on which application will operate.

Click Next.

Step 11. Installation of PDF Share Forms Information Worker will begin


Step 12. Confirmation message is shown after installation of all the components 8_3.png

Click Next.

Step 13. List of all operations that were performed is shown


Click Finish.

Once the installation is complete, Initial Wizard prompts to finish the configuration of PDF Share Forms IW. 


Please see the article that describes post installation steps:

Configuration of PDF Share Forms IW

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