Attachment Types

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 and Cloud


PDF Share Forms Information Worker supports two ways of handling attachments:

  • Store attachments inside PDF form;
  • Store attachments in the same folder as PDF form;

Attachment rules

After attachments are enabled in Options → Generic Form Options → Attachments, user can specify attachment type. In order to add new attachment type, click green "Add Attachment Type" button.

Attachment type is collection of attachment specifications - file type, name, description, count etc.

1) Document Type

Name of the attachment that user should add. It can be considered as name of the file that is needed. It does not affect anything and needed only for descriptive purposes.

2) Description and Required

Description row can contain additional information about attachment type.

Required determine if user must add this attachment before form is submitted.

3) File types, Max. size, Max. count, Delete

File types allows choosing which file formats are allows for specific attachment type. Image below shows all available options

Max. size - maximal available size for attachment type;
Max. count - how many files of this attachment type can be added;
Delete - removes attachment type;


In a runtime, attachment window can be opened by clicking on the clip icon

Clip icon is red since two attachment types from previous steps are required. Number beside the clip shows currently attached file count.

By clicking on "Add", browser window appears. User choose file that he wants to attach and following window appears

File name that was attached is located on the top (marked with yellow).

Next step is to choose which attachment type this file is meant to

Click Start. Attaching process begins.

After file is attached, it will be shown in attachments window and number beside the clips shows 1

Attachment window can be extended by clicking See All (blue button on the image above)

All attachments appears on the top of the form in more comfortable view.

If user tries submitting form without required attachments added, following validation error appears


Store attachments in the same folder as PDF form

Both attachments types are configured equally, only difference is that attachment that are stored as SEPARATE DOCUMENT requires submitting into separate folder enabled.

Navigate to SharePoint tab → check create folder for each form instance


New folder will be created each time when a form is submitted and form's attachments will be saved into the same folder.


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