PDF Share Forms Cloud Easy Trial

Easy trial allows user go through simple demonstration on his own SharePoint Online site before adding app from Microsoft Store. Easy trial contains PDF form which will be used as a part of demonstration.

Step 1. Signing up for trial

1) Trial process can be initiated from official PDF Share Forms Cloud website by clicking on “Start trial”:


Or alternatively you can receive direct trial link from PDF Share Forms representative:


It also contains “Start Trial” at the bottom of the page.

2) Select PDF form which will be used in trial demonstration:


In this example “Request for Access” is selected.

Note: it is possible to skip sample template selection – in this case trial will not add any PDF form to your SharePoint site.

3) Click on “Next: Connect To Office 365”:


Trial demonstration will require user permissions to add all necessary files to the SharePoint online site.

4) Click on “Next: Connect To Office 365”:


Once signed in, SharePoint will ask permissions to add trial demonstration to your site. Click on “Accept” to continue.

5) Once accepted, it will require the location and email address for further product communications:


Select country and add email address. Then click on “Provision” button and it will start provisioning process:


6) Verify connection to the SharePoint online site where you want this demo to be added, then select library which will be used to add previously selected PDF form ("Documents" library in this example).


7) Once “Select And Continue” is clicked, trial will start to add files to your SharePoint site:


When everything will be finished it will show “Continue” button:


Step 2. Trial demonstration

1) Clicking on “Continue” button will redirect you to opened new instance of PDF form:


This form is opened in PDF Share Forms Cloud Viewer – you can fill in the form and put a signature:


2) When finished, click on “Submit” at the top left corner:


3) During submit process form will display message:


Similar messages can be configured in Designer for each individual template.

4) Finally you will be redirected to the Dashboard:


Here you can check overview information about the product, licensing information, “help” sections, view existing forms and templates, change product configurations.

5) “Documents” library also contains submitted PDF form (library which was initially selected during provisioning):



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