Manual PDF Share Forms Cloud installation

Applies To: Cloud


Manual installation allows to add PDF Share Forms Cloud application to SharePoint online without using Microsoft Store.

Step 1. Preparation

Upload “PDFSF” file to “Apps for SharePoint” section of your App Catalog site.


Once uploaded, it will be automatically deployed.

Note: you can find more information about App Catalog here.

Step 2. Installation

1) In this case PDF Share Forms Cloud application can be installed as application from your organization. Open “add an app” from “Site Contents”. Then find “From Your Organization” section in Your Apps.


2) Click on app name to install it.

Note: first time app requires approval from administrator:


2.1) Click on “Find out why”, then on “Request Approval”:


Text dialog for justification will appear:


Once justification text is added, click on “Request” button.

2.2) Administrator need to approve request by clicking on the actual request in “App Requests” section of App Catalog site:


Approve request by clicking on “Approve” button:


Now user can install PDF Share Forms Cloud application.

3) You can try again to add an app by clicking on its name (see Step 2). Trust dialog will appear. Click on “Trust It” to continue:


Finally SharePoint will add app to your “Site contents”:


It might take several minutes. Once installed, it is ready to be used and user can click on its name to open Dashboard in PDF Share Forms Cloud app:


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