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NOTE: File Handler is installed on the whole tenant across O365 environment.


PDF File Handler is a separate and optional Office 365 Add-in that enables opening PDF files in PDF Share Forms Cloud directly by clicking on file name in a document library. This enhances user experience, as otherwise users need to select the file and click on the custom action button to open the file:


SharePoint Online offers two types of user UI: Classic View and Modern View. While Modern View provide many benefits and improved user experience, this mode does not support File Handler capabilities. While Microsoft is working to add this support, we recommend you to switch PDF related document libraries to Classic View. Differences between classic and new experiences for lists and document libraries are described here.

While File Handler is not mandatory part of PDF Share Forms Cloud application, users are not required to install PDF File Handler Office 365 Add-in.


File Handler can be requested from PDF Share Forms team. More details can be found in Dashboard by clicking on link near "PDF File Handler App" in Admin overview section.

Step 1. Navigate to PDFSF Cloud


Step 2. Click not installed beside PDF File Handler App in ADMIN OVERVIEW section

Note: PDF File Handler requires installation on your environment outside of the Microsoft Office Store processes due the level of required permissions. Your Office 365 administrator will need to deploy this specific add-in to the your tenant manually (not though SharePoint Store), so that it can be installed to your environment. When apps are installed outside of the Microsoft Office Store, they may bypass any, and all, safety and security checks provided by Microsoft.

Step 3. Once clicked, Dashboard will show short description about File Handler:

Step 4. Click on "contact PDFSF Support" link to request File Handler installation. Once obtained, it will open new page with SharePoint Online authentication - it is required to confirm that you have necessary level of permissions to add File Handler to the SharePoint Online site:


Once accepted - you will be automatically redirected back to Dashboard.

NOTE: File Handler is installed on the whole tenant across O365 environment.

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