Release notes thru 2017-05-06

List of new features and fixes for PDFSF Cloud.


  • Added additional validation logic to form deployment process
  • Added new server rule "GetTemplateName" which return name of template
  • Added additional tooltips and descriptions for Office 365 mode


  • Fixed issue with trial template provision in Office 365 mode
  • Improved "Allow Public Submission" logic to provide guidance in situations where additional configurations are required
  • Fixed issue with form stages not showing in Viewer
  • Improved "Submit by Email" dialog so now it will show more relevant configurations for Office 365
  • Fixed issue with radio button group locking which caused error on form initialization in viewer
  • Fixed issue with "Advanced File Naming" when names generated by server rule were not picked up on submission
  • Fixed issue when "Submit by Email" button was invisible by default
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