Known "Open PDF in Browser" from a ribbon issue

Form opening by "Open PDF in Browser" button in SharePoint ribbon

As of May 23, 2017, PDFSF team found out that Microsoft has updated internal SharePoint configurations, that affected PDFSF Cloud form opening functionality. Selecting a form and clicking "Open PDF in Browser"on a ribbon returns "The webpage cannot be found" response




Please use the following workarounds for while we work on fixing the issue:

Option 1. Download PDFSF Cloud File Handler that is a separate and optional Office 365 Add-in that enables opening PDF files in PDFSF Cloud directly by clicking on a file name in a document library. Refer to File Handler Add-in Installation article.

Options 2. Select a PDF form → click (...) ellipsis beside the form → More Actions (...) ellipsis Advanced → Open PDF in Browser

The issue will be fixed in closest release - 5/27/2017.

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