Release notes thru 2017-05-27

List of new features and fixes for PDFSF Cloud.


  • Added new client and server side action "Set Next Stage", which changes form stage to next one
  • Added additional user notification and validation when working with forms which had their template removed


  • Fixed issue when user was shown error dialog for brief moment before redirecting from Dashboard
  • Fixed issue with PDF file caching in IE 11
  • Fixed issue where user was not able to publish form with custom fonts
  • Improved rule user interface to handle more complicated logic 
  • Fixed issue when buying subscription will cause error in Dashboard
  • Fixed issue with data sources when "Title" column was shown multiple times
  • Improved template deletion handling in Dashboard
  • Fixed issue with "Open PDF in browser" button
  • Fixed multiple UI issues in Viewer on Mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with IF..ELSE statements in Designer rules
  • Fixed few minor issues with Stages dialog in Designer
  • Fixed issues with "Get characters from the beginning" and "Get characters from the end" rules when user was not able to select numeric value
  • Improved stability of methods working with SharePoint users
  • Fixed issue with multiple loading of fonts in Viewer
  • Improved overall Designer stability
  • Multiple minor fixes in Designer
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