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Customers have been asking us about the future of our existing forms product for SharePoint Online - PDF Forms for Office 365 and OnDemand products. Now we are ready to share some important information about the next generation of our Office 365 solution — previous generation products for SharePoint Online replaced with PDF Share Forms Cloud solution.

Our customer feedback and modern technology trends show that businesses demand a smart, integrated forms experience across all types of devices and platforms. In general, we are ready to announce a product, which allows you to easily design, deploy, and use smart, integrated forms across Office 365 clients, servers, and services. Virtually on any platform, be it PC, tablet, or phone.

In an effort to streamline our investments and deliver a more integrated Office 365 forms user experience, we are retiring PDF Forms for Office 365 and PDF Share Forms OnDemand products and releasing new one – PDF Share Forms Cloud.

PDF Forms for Office 365 and PDF Share Forms OnDemand both will be supported until the end of October 2017. Then they will be completely retired.

If you are PDF Forms for Office 365 or PDF Share Forms OnDemand user, we want to reassure you that the new product integrates already known and popular features with new and more advanced possibilities. PDF Share Forms Cloud supports workflow actions, it has designer to create or modify PDF forms, dashboard to track current status of existing forms and templates, enables bi-directional synchronization between SharePoint columns and forms fields, supports digital signatures and many other features.

You can find PDF Share Forms Cloud in Office Store, or start your free trial in minutes here:

Learn more about PDF Share Forms Cloud pricing here:

If you have any questions, please send us an email to

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