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Public submission allows to submit PDF forms to SharePoint site by external users without having SharePoint account and logging in into the site. PDF Share Forms Cloud provides viewer designed specifically for such purposes - for initial form submit. 

Public submit can be applied as a beginning part of various different cases and scenarios - for example "request" cases where PDF form should be submitted by external user and later processed or approved by several SharePoint users. In this case initial submit will happen under "SharePoint App" user - it will create submitted PDF form inside selected SharePoint library while external user who submitted this form will be redirected to predefined web page - for example company facing web page.

This guide is focusing on template configuration which allows external users to access and submit PDF forms.

Enabling public submission

In order to enable public submission for the template, need to switch "Allow new public submission" slider to "Yes". It is located in "Overview" tab of Designer in "Quick Actions" section:overview.PNG

By default "Allow new public submission" slider is set to "No".

Configuring post submit redirect

Once PDF form is submitted, it is possible to specify where external user should be redirected and after what time redirect will occur. These settings can be found in "Post Submit Redirect URL" section of "Form Submission Options" under "Submission Options" sub tab of "Options" tab in Designer:


In provided screenshot submitted form will be redirected to "" in 7 seconds after submit.


Template is ready to be published. To publish template and generate link for PDF form instance need to click on "Publish" button at the bottom right corner and click on "Generate Link":


Generated link is pointing to the new blank PDF form instance which can be filled in and submitted by external users:


PDF form can be submitted by clicking on "Submit" button at the top of the screen.

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