Map PDF form fields to SharePoint columns

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 and Cloud


This article describes how to associate a field to an existing (or newly created) SharePoint Column.

Step 1. Open a template and add a text field. In this example TextField1

Step 2. Choose the field and click blue Map button

Step 3. Quick Field Mapping window appears

Step 3.1 User can choose assigning to an existing SharePoint column

NOTE: user can choose only from SharePoint columns that matches field type. If field is text field, then Single line of text type column can be associated.

Step 3.2 In order to create a new column, start typing in Choose or create column control and click Create field and assign

Step 4. Deploy the template. Click Publish button (marked with red) on the right bottom corner

Step 4.1 Publish PDF form window appears

Step 4.2 Click Generate link

New form can be accessed by generated link or by navigating to the target library.

Step 5. Open new form and fill-in the field

Step 6. Form appears in the library. New column is created and information from the field is shown in the column


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