Show/Hide controls with rules

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 and Cloud


This article describes how to show/hide field by using built-in rules.

In following scenario, field will be set to hidden or visible, depending on check box selection.

Step 1. Template with check box and text field is prepared. If emergency leave checkbox is checked, then Nature of Emergency field becomes visible.

By default, Nature of Emergency field should be set to hidden. Choose the field and navigate to Properties → Display: Hidden

As result the field is not visible in the template and in the form

Step 2. Choose Emergency leave check box and navigate to Mapping and Action

Step 2.1 Click Add event handlerMouse Up (Click) rules created in this event type, will be triggered after mouse click

Step 3. Start creating rules. Click on red line and choose If ... Then

Step 3.1 Choose If block → PDF Field Value in order to create a condition that will check if EmergencyLeave checkbox is selected

Step 3.2 Choose the field which value should be checked. In our case EmergencyLeave checkbox

Step 3.3 Choose the condition that will be checked - If EmergencyLeave PDF Field value is equal

Step 3.4 Choose Manual bool value in order to check if EmergencyLeave checkbox is selected

Step 3.5 As result following condition will be checked: If EmergencyLeave field value is equal true

Step 3.6 Configure Then section in order to determine what to do if condition is true. Click red line in Then section → choose Action


Step 4.  Building action. Since Nature of Emergency field is set to hidden by default, our task is to make the field visible only when Emergency leave checkbox is selected. Therefore in Action choose → Set control hidden

Step 4.1 Click Pick a field in order to choose which field will be set to visible

Step 4.2 Choose NatureOfEmergency field and set Hidden:False

Step 5. Create similar If ... Then.. bloc exactly the same as in step 3-4, but it will check if EmergencyLeave checkbox is unchecked and then hide NatureOfEmergency field

Step 6. Publish the template.

Step 7. Open a new form

Emergency leave is unchecked and Nature Of Emergency is not visible.

Step 7.1 Select Emergency leave checkbox - Nature of Emergency becomes visible

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