Store attachments in the same folder as PDF form

This article describes how to create a form which allows adding attachment and store it in the same folder as submitted PDF form.

Step 1. Open a template and navigate to Options tab → Generic Form Options → Attachments and check Enable attachment checkbox

Step 2. Choose Separate documents attachment type

Click Add Attachment Type.

Step 3. New attachment configuration starts

  • Document type - name of an attachment;
  • Description - information that describes attachments purpose;
  • Required - determines if attachment is mandatory;
  • File types - determines which files can be attached;
  • Max size - maximal size of an attached file;
  • Max count - how many files can be attached;
  • Delete - removes attachment type;

Step 4. Separate documents attachment type require Create Folder for each instance feature enabled in Content Type mapping section. Navigate to SharePoint tab an check create folder for each form instance.

Step 5. Deploy the template.

Step 6. Open a new from and click on attachment icon on the left size of a form

Step 7. Attachment adding tab appears

Click Add and choose the file from your computer.

Step 8. After file was chosen user can specify the attachment type for the uploaded file

Click Start.

Step 9. Attachments are shown in Attachments tab

Step 10. Click submit. New folder is created in the target library

Step 10.1 Submitted form and attachment are stored in the folder

These attachments will be available in SharePoint and can be used in workflows and other SharePoint activities.

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