Adding a summary page

Summary Page is a welcome page that optionally can be displayed before user even see actual form. For example, summary page can be used to explain what is expected from the user (for example: filling-out instructions), or add legalize information (for example, Terms and Conditions).

In order to activate and setup summary page, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Open a template and navigate to Options Submission Options → Summary Page and select Enable summary page for new form submission checkbox

Step 2. Use text box are in order to add text to summary page. In this example was added the text that can be seen on the image below - in addition, this text is centered and one word is in bold

Step 3. Publish the template and start new form. Summary page appears before the form

DataSource - is form name and below is the text that was specified in the template. Click Ok and form will be shown.

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