Business Process and Stages

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016 and Cloud


A Business Process Flow in Information Worker is a tool which is meant to help guide users through a business process in the system. Business process flows are representations of your business processes and are displayed visually in PDF document viewer in the form of a heading across the top of an entity form.

A business process flow is composed of Stages and user can see which stage they are at in the process.

Business process flows enable you to require users to complete certain fields before completing the process and if needed you can also allow users to jump stages.

In order to start using stages, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Open a template and navigate to Options → Generic Form Options → Stages

Step 2. Activate Stages. Check Enable business stages for this form

  • Show stage in viewer – shows stage steps in a run-time;
  • Allow new form submitters to view stages – shows all stages even when a form is new.

Step 2.1 In order to add stages, click on + button beside Stages → Add Name →
click Add button

NOTE: When stages are activated, one stage is added automatically (stage names is Default)

Stage 2.2 Result

Step 3. Configure Stages

Fields have options to hide/show, make read only or make field required depending on current stage

All fields that depends on stages, can be seen beside appropriate stage in location that is shown on the image below (Options tab Generic Form Options → Stages)

User can change stage order by choosing a stage and clicking on the arrows ↓↑ or delete stage by clicking on it and choosing tool icon → Rename / Delete

Step 4. Stages in a runtime

User can tell which stage is active because it has blue color, while the rest of the stages are in grey.

Step 5. Changing Stages

Stages can be changed by using workflow actions. See following article

Change Stage by Workflow Action

In addition PDF Share Forms provide server-side/client side actions that can change stage. See following article

Change Stages by Rules

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