Enabling Drafts in PDF forms

When filling out a web form respondents are given the option to save their progress. Once saved, a custom message will be sent to them providing a link that allows them to return to their partially filled out form.

Following steps describes how to enable drafts.

Step 1. Open a template and navigate to Options → Submission Options → Save Draft

Step 2. Select Enable respondents to save progress


  • To - address that receives notification about new draft creation. It can take email from current user properties or from some specific field on a form


  • Subject and body text - email message subject and main text;
  • Include copy of PDF form - determines if copy of the saved draft form will be attached to the email;
  • Expiration - how long draft will be saved (1 day, 4 days, 1 week - 4 weeks).

Drafts in a runtime

Step 1. Open a form in a runtime and click "Save as Draft"

For Authenticated users


For gateway submit

Anonymous user is prompted to add email address and PIN code for draft access

Add information and click Save draft.

Step 2. After form is saved as draft, user receives an email with a link to the draft. This link works as long as Expiration is set.

NOTE: Authenticated users can access their drafts in MyForms (navigate to SharePoint site collection → Site Settings → PDF Share Forms IW ��→ My Form Templates → Forms → My Drafts)



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