Changing what page to show after form is submitted (Page Redirect Options)

This article describes redirection options upon form submissionю

In order to configure redirection after form submission, open a template and navigate to Options Submission Options Post Submit Redirect URL. By default redirection is set to SharePoint site home page

User can choose between five different redirection URLs:

  • Do not redirect - forms stays open after clicking submit button;
  • Redirect to source page (page that called form initially) - differs from Redirect to document library where form instance was created ;
  • Redirect to SharePoint site home page;
  • Redirect to document library where form instance was created;
  • Redirect to a new website - if “Redirect to a new website” has been chosen, additional field appears where custom URL can be defined, as well as time before redirection starts.

Public submission is submission through gateway and it has two redirection options – do not redirect and redirect to custom site after specified period.

After redirection type is changed, template must be redeployed in order to publish changes.

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