Public Submit using Proxy User

This article describes how to configure form for public submit, that allows anonymous users submitting new responses without ending Anonymous access on SharePoint site.

NOTE 1: To be able to submit PDF forms to the SharePoint library from outside of the SharePoint without authentication an Anonymous Submit Proxy component must be installed (Resources\PDFGateway directory in the product installation folder) on a separate IIS site. Manual installation process is described in PDF Share Forms Information Worker Gateway Manual Deployment.

Step 1. Open a template and navigate to Dashboard. Set Allow new public submission to Yes


Step 2. Configure Proxy User. When unauthenticated user attempts to submit a response, PDF Share Forms will use a Proxy User to save data in the designated Share Point Document library.
NOTE 2: It is Important to ensure that a Proxy User has only "Contribute" permission on the destination document library.

In order to set Proxy User, navigate to Options tab → Submission Options → Proxy User


Chose one of existing SharePoint users from the dropdown.

NOTE 3: Only site collection administrator can specify any user as Proxy User.

If Proxy User is chosen by non site administrator and Proxy User is not set to his account, following message appear during publishing


In addition, following message appears in Dashboard → Notifications and Warning section


Step 3. Deploy the template. Click Publish button (marked with red) on the right bottom corner


 Step 3.1 Publish PDF form window appears


Click Generate Link.

Step 3.3 Public form can be accessed by generated link


This link can be distributed and anonymous users can submit this form.

Step 4. Fill in the form


Click Submit.

Step 5. Forms appears in the destination library and was created by Proxy User that was selected in step 2


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