Notifications in Designer

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 and Cloud


Upon publishing designed template, user will receive notifications depending on templates configurations.

Informational notification

For example, if template does not contain any problem Template published successfully notification appears on the right top corner


If template contains any configuration that is not set properly and therefore template cannot be deployed, error notification is shown upon publishing

Notification navigating to Dashboard tab in order to find out the problem.

In addition, beside the publishing button on the bottom of the designer, user can see warning count (error warnings are red)

By clicking on the red lines, user will be redirected to Dashboard tab

In Dashboard tab Notifications and Warnings all problems and their sources will be listed.

In addition, the tab that contains configurations that caused the error, will have red number beside them

In this particular case, error is caused by the fact, that template is configured to allow submitting attachments with forms, as separate documents. That feature requires "Create Folder for each instance" feature activation (explained in article - Storing attachments in the same folder as PDF form).


Warnings are shown if template contains configuration, that are not set properly but do not prevent template fro being published.

Same as errors, warning are shown in Dashboard tab

Also is available from bottom toolbar


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