Types of Built-in Rules

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019 and Cloud


Event rules allow users to control the behavior of a form. The behavior that can be controlled by using rules, includes automatically setting a field value, displaying a message inside of a dialog box, getting or submitting data to SharePoint library or lists.

Rules can be triggered by the changing the value in a control, on a button click, or opening or submitting the form.

Event types:

Rules can be found in Options tab → Rules

Server Side rules

Server side rules are executed on the server. That means, that during these event form have access to entire SharePoint site and form can work with Share Point.

  • On Load - automatically contains “Execute system On Load action”. This action load all required information from the SharePoint – lists, data sources and PDF Share Forms system fields etc.

  •  On Sync - OnSync event enables synchronization between SharePoint PDF Form and XFA Document. OnSync event is triggered when document properties are updated in SharePoint, but not saved. For example On Sync updates PDF form values from SharePoint when value was changed in associated column

  • On Submit - rule calls “Execute system save to SharePoint action” if form is valid. “If form is valid” – condition checks field validation, required options etc.

Client Side rules

Client side rules works only within a PDF form

  • Load - rule executes when PDF form starts rendering and form data is attached to controls;
  • Validate - rule executes - before submission is done;
  • Submit - rule executes when "Save" button is clicked in PDF Share Forms Information Worker viewer's ribbon.


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