Types of Data Sources

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019


Data source represents a data table loaded into the PDF Form on Form Load event and is available globally inside the form.

Data source can be set up by navigating to Options → Data Sources in a template. Data Sources can retrieve data by using BCS, SP List, Active Directory and SharePoint Site Users

  • SharePoint list - information is loaded from specific SharePoint list;
  • Business Connectivity Services - this type of data source, retrieve data from External Content Type. External Content Types allows to work with information outside SharePoint, for example with SQL data base;
  • Active Directory - allows getting list of Active Directory users;
  • SharePoint Site Users - allows getting list of SharePoint site users;

By default, client side scripting and actions works only with data within a form and does not have connection to SharePoint. By using data sources, data that is stored in SharePoint, can be retrieved and used on a client  side events.

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