Create your first PDF Form in Acrobat (Part 3 of 3)

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016 and Cloud


Common situation when company creates a document in a Adobe Acrobat and prints it out to use in physical format or in company's environment. Default scenario for most documents.

Afterwards company decides to start using fillable PDF forms with PDF Share Forms and want to continue using the same document that was designed in Adobe Acrobat.

It can be easily done by following steps described below:



Following form was designed in Adobe Acrobat

Form contains text fields, check boxes, dropdowns.

SharePoint library

Create a SharePoint library where template will be deployed.

Open a SharePoint site where you want to create the library and click on Site Settings in the top right-hand corner. Click on Add an App. Select Document Library and then give your library a name, e.g. “Demonstration Forms”

Importing PDF document

Step 1. Navigate to My Forms Templates by clicking SharePoint settings wheel → PDF Share Forms IW → My Forms Templates


Step 2. In My Form Templates in Templates tab → My Templates click Import new template


Click on Drop files here or click to upload area. Standard file choosing window appears - select the file and click upload

Choose SharePoint document library where form will be published and click Import Template.

Step 3. As result, PDF Share Forms IW designer will be opened

All fields are already on the template. Map all required fields and publish the template.

Step 4. In order to connect field with SharePoint columns, choose a field and click Map button on the top of the field. Choose an existing column or create a new (write the name)


Click Assign.

Step 5. Blue icon shows that field is mapped


Step 6. Publish the template. Click Publish button (marked with red) on the right bottom corner


Step 6.1 Publish PDF form window appears


Click Generate Link.

Step 6.2 New form can be accessed by generated link or by navigating to the target library


Now the form that was designed in Adobe Acrobat is published to SharePoint as a content type.

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