Change Stage by Workflow Action

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016 and Cloud


This article describes how to change stages by using workflow action.

For example consider following scenario: there is Request for Time Off form. First part of the form is filled in by requester, second part is filled by manager. Each of them should be able to modify their own part.

Following form is created in the designer

All before Request Approval is filled in by requester; after - by manager.

This way, form is divided on two business stages - Applicant and Reviewer.

These business stages were added in Options tab → Generic Form Options → Stages (Business Process and Stages)

NOTE: Stages starts in order from top to bottom.

In order to configure fields availability depending on stages, navigate to Design tab, choose a field Properties → Enabled: Per stage → Applicant (since this field belongs to first part)

Set all fields that belongs to applicant's part to be enabled only when stage is Applicant.

All fields after Request Approval should be set to be available when stage is Reviewer.

After all fields are configured, result can be checked at Options tab → Generic Form Options → Stages

Next step is to set up stage changing logic. By default, each new form will start from Applicant stage and after first submit, stage should be changed to Reviewer stage.

SharePoint workflow with PDF Share Forms additional actions is used, in order to add previously described logic.

Step 1. Deploy the template. Click Publish button (marked with red) on the right bottom corner

 Step 1.1 Publish PDF form window appears

Click Generate Link.

Step 1.3 Public form can be accessed by generated link

Step 2. Open your SharePoint site through SharePoint Designer → choose Workflows tab

Choose List Workflow.

Step 2.1 Choose SharePoint list where template was published in previous steps

Request Forms in this example.

Step 2.2 Add workflow name and choose platform type

Click OK.

Step 3. Add PDF Share Forms IW action - PDFShareForms IW: Set Form Stage

Step 3.1 Action appears in workflow builder

Step 3.2 Click this → select Current Item

This way actions is configured to change stage in a form on which workflow is started.

Step 3.3 Specify to which stage form should be set

Click on the field and add stage name - Reviewer in this example.

Step 3.4 Workflow is created, next step configure it to start after form is created in the library. Click on workflow name in navigation pane

Set Start Option Start workflow automatically when an item is created

Click Publish in order to deploy workflow to the SharePoint site.

Step 4. Open new form. Stage is Applicant - fill in available fields

Click Submit.

Step 4.1 Form appears in a library. Make sure that workflow comleated

Step 4.2 Re-open the form

Stage is changed to Reviewer.


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