Reusing PDF forms as Master Templates

Common situation when forms needed for several different departments. All forms are almost the same, with several differences - more/less fields, different data sources or maybe different images. But in general, forms are the same.

In such situation it would be great to create a template, that contains all configurations, which should be similar for all forms and use it as model for each department forms.

So, when department needs a new form, forms designer starts creating a new template on the basis of existing model (called Master Template). Therefore all general functionality is set and just several specifics for particular department are required.

In order to save existing template as Master Template, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open My Form Templates by clicking on SharePoint site setting wheel → PDF Share Forms IW → My Form Templates

Step 2. Choose the template that must be saved as Master Template and click three dots on the right side from the name of the template, then click Save As Master Template

Step 3. Add new Master Template name and templates category.

Step 4. All available master templates сan be found in My Form Template → Master Templates

Step 5. In order to use master template as basis for new template, hover over the master template and click Use Master

The same way master template can be previewed or deleted.

Step 5* Creating a new template on the Master Template's basis can be done by opening My Forms Templates → My Templates → Create new template

Choose Use Master Template and specify proper Master Template. Add name, destination library and click create template

New template will contain all controls and configuration from the Master Template



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