Configuration of PDF Share Forms IW

This article describes post installation steps for PDF Share Forms IW configuration.

Step 1. Navigate to Central Administration → PDF Share Forms IW → Initial Wizard

Step 1.1 Click Start The Wizard in order to start configuration of PDF Share Forms IW

Step 1.2 Select services to configure


 Click Next.

Step 2. Specify Web application for Initial Wizard to create a new site collection which will be used as a configuration site

Click Next to continue.

Step 3. The licensing screen is where the new license key should be entered. Additionally, here it is possible to check the current farm ID

Step 4. Gateway screen allows to set URL for default and internal access. Once URLs are set and verified, “Configuration” link appears

Configuration Set is for assigning account that works with Gateway to process PDF forms. It is possible to use application pool account or apply specific account. Once account is applied click “Next” from step 4

More about gateway configuration: Configuring Gateway Component.

Step 5. Workflow configuration allows enabling of the PDF Share forms workflow actions for a selected web application

Step 6. Last step contains Digital Signature configurations. It is described in separate article - Configuring Digital Signatures For Your Organization

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