Installing PDF Share Forms Information Worker using PowerShell

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016/2019



Step 1. Prepare the solution files. Copy PDF Share Forms Installation folders to c:\deploy folder on your SharePoint 2013 server (or other folders, in which case make sure to change them in all the following references).

Step 2. Adding PDF Share Forms Information Worker solution. Open SharePoint Management Shell and write following command

Add-SPSolution c:\deploy\01-PDFShareForms.IW\Resources\PDFShareForms.IW.wsp

Step 3. Installing PDF Share Forms Enterprise solution.

PDF Share Forms Enterprise should be deployed to the content web application.

From SharePoint 2013 Management Shell install the service application solution using the following command:

Install-SPSolution –Identity pdfshareforms.iw.WSP -GACDeployment –WebApplication
http://your-sharepoint-site:80/ -FullTrustBinDeployment

Activate the corresponding feature using application UI.

Activating features

Step 4. Activate Farm feature for PDF Share Forms IW. Go to Central Administration → System Settings → Manage Farm Features

Step 5. Activate Web Application features for PDF Share Forms Enterprise. Go to Central Administration → Application ManagementManage Web Applications and select the web application where you deployed the PDF Share Forms Information Worker solution

Step 5.1 Find “PDF Share Forms IW Document Access Helper” and “PDF Share Forms IW Workflow Actions” features and activate them

Step 6. Activate Site collection features for PDF Share Forms Information Worker. Go to your content site collection → Site settings → Site Collection Features.

These features are responsible for Form submission, processing functionality on given site collection and adding web parts used in PDF Share Forms Information Worker.

Step 7. Activate Site Features for PDF Share Forms Custom Actions and PDF Viewer. Go to the SharePoint site where you want to enable PDF Viewer and add custom file conversion actions. Navigate to Site settings → Manage site features → find “PDFShareForms IW Global PDF Viewer” and “PDF Share Forms IW PDF Template from File Custom Actions” features and activate them



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