PDF Share Forms Information Worker Gateway Manual Deployment

Note: PDF Share Forms Gateway is Web Application that is deployed to IIS web site outside SharePoint.


Application pool user account should have “Contribute” access to document libraries where PDF Share Forms Gateway uploads files. This guide uses “PDFSFGatewayAccount” user account for the purpose of demonstration.

Step 1. Create a folder for PDF Share Forms Gateway Web application files. For example: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\PDFSFGateway

Step 2. Copy all files from PDFShareForms.IW\Resources\PDFGateway to the folder created in the previous step:


Step 3. Give PDFSF Gateway Account a read access to the directory

  1. Select a folder, and click “Properties” in the context menu;
  2. Select tab “Security”;
  3. Click “Edit”.

     4. Click “Add” in “Permissions for {Folder}” dialog;

     5. Enter PDFSF Gateway account and click “OK”;

     6. Click “OK” to give “Read and Execute” permissions on the folder.

Step 4. Run .\aspnet_regiis.exe -ga {account} to grant necessary access to IIS metadata database:

Step 5. Create Application Pool account for PDF Share Forms Gateway. Open IIS manager → navigate to Application Pools → select “Add Application Pool… “ in the context menu

Step 5.1 Give application pool an easy to remember name; For example: PDFSFGateway AppPool. Select v4.0 .NET Framework → keep pipeline mode as “Integrated” → click "OK"

Step 5.2 Select created application pool account and choose “Advanced Settings…” in the context menu

Step 5.3 Change “Identity” from “ApplicationPoolIdentity” to “Custom Account”. Enter PDFSF Gateway Account and its password

Step 6. Create a website for PDF Share Forms Gateway. select “Sites” in IIS Manager → select “Add Website…” in context menu

Step 6.1 Enter an easy to remember Site Name. For example: “PDFSF Gateway Site”

Step 6.2 Click “Select” and choose application pool created previously in Step 5


Step 6.3 Select “Physical Path” to point to directory created earlier in Step 1

 Step 6.4 Click “Test Settings…”. Ensure that both “Authentication” and “Authorization” tests had passed successfully

Specify hostname and port number based on your firewall configuration; For example:

Click “OK” to create a web site for PDF Share Forms Gateway;

Step 7. Enable Anonymous Authentication for PDF Share Forms Gateway site.

Select PDFSF Gateway site and launch “Authentication” options

Step 7.1 Ensure that Anonymous Authentication is enabled and all other methods are disabled

Step 8. Proceed with configuration steps in Central Administration.

Open Gateway section of PDF Share Forms in Central Administration to finish Gateway installation. Detailed instructions can be found here - Configurations of PDF Share Forms IW.

Step 9. Ensure that PDF Share Forms Gateway account has at least Contribute access for the SharePoint site collection where anonymous submit is used.

Open SharePoint Site Collection → Select “Site Settings” → Select “Site Permissions” → Click “Check Permissions” on the Ribbon

Step 9.1 Specify PDFSF Gateway Account and click “Check Now

Ensure that at least Contribute permission is given to PDFSF Gateway account

Step 10. Deploy PDF form template with Anonymous support and verify that it works.


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