Gateway component configuration

This article describes gateway component post installation configuration steps.

Step 1. After gateway is installed (articles: PDF Share Forms Information Worker Gateway Manual Deployment and Installing PDF Share Forms Information Worker using installer ) navigate to Central Administration → Gateway

Step 2. Add Default Gateway Submit URL and Internal gateway URL and click Verify

NOTE: Default Gateway Submit URL should match the URL and port specified in <> article steps <> and <>.

After clicking Verify, link to the Configuration site appears.

Step 3. Open Configuration site

  • Specify account to use during gateway submit: Use Application Pool Account (see above) or Use SharePoint User

Specify Domain, Username, Password.

Step 4. Click Test Connection

If user information (if Use SharePoint User is selected) and provisioning site URL are correct, then user will receive message "Connection was successful".

Step 5. Click Apply

 Wait for message "Configuration is updated".

Step 6. Navigate back to gateway settings and click Save


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