Upgrade PDF Share Forms Information Worker

Applies To: Information Worker for SharePoint 2013/2016


This article describes steps to upgrade PDF Share Forms Information Worker.

Step 1. In the folder 01-PDFShareForms.IW run “Setup” and click “Next” in the Setup Wizard dialog window:

Step 2. Choose Upgrade setup operation:

Step 3. Setup Wizard checks the System if solution can be installed on the selected machine. Click “Next” once the verification is complete:

Step 4. Select solutions to Upgrade

PDF Share Forms Information Worker Gateway is optional for install and upgrade. Upgrade it only if release logs contains notes about changes in gateway solution.

Step 5. The next step validates that the solution is present in the installer and can be installed. If no errors are displayed, click “Next”:

Step 6. Upgrading of PDF Share Forms Information Worker begins:

Step 7. After the upgrading is complete, click “Next”:

Step 8. After the upgrading is complete a summary of the upgrading process is displayed. Click “Close"


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