Release notes thru 2018-01-14


  • Added additional validation and warning in situations when user closes document with unsaved changes.
  • Added intro video when user opens Dashboard for the first time.
  • Added basic signature certificate which can be used after trial period expiration.
  • Fully reworked user interface in Dashboard.


  • Fixed issue when blur event was executed multiple times at once.
  • Fixed issue when system account was used as template author.
  • Fixed rare issue when Designer will stuck during loading process in IE 11.
  • Fixed multiple issues with master templates provided with installation.
  • Fixed issue with calculation functions in viewer.
  • Fixed issue in Designer which prevented target site collection change.
  • Fixed issue when Adobe Reader mode was missing top toolbar.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to Viewer functionality on mobile devices.
  • Multiple minor Designer and Viewer improvements.
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