Release notes thru 2018-03-10

List of new features and fixes for PDFSF Cloud.


  • Added a new Designer feature that allows editing multiple controls simultaneously. This feature allows users to move and align multiple controls at once and also allows editing common properties of all selected controls.


  • Renamed "Language and Format" section in Designer to "Date and Currency format".
  • Fixed multiple minor misspellings in Dashboard and Designer.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect installation logic for File-handler. Now administrators will always see a proper installation and configuration instructions.
  • Added an indicator for Modern Viewer functionality. Users will now see clear indications if they are using experimental viewer instead of the default one.
  • Fixed a minor issue with digital signature configurations in Designer. This should slightly improve performance of Designer.
  • Fixed an issue with "if not" condition where condition statement was validated incorrectly in some specific scenarios.
  • Added a multiple minor improvements to Dashboard, Designer and Viewer to improve performance.
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