Release notes thru 2018-03-23

List of new features and fixes for Information Worker version 4.2.1 (SharePoint 2013).


  • Added a feature that allows editing multiple controls simultaneously
  • Added additional validation and warning in situations when user closes document with unsaved changes


  • Added a multiple minor improvements to Dashboard, Designer and Viewer to improve performance
  • Added basic signature certificate which can be used after trial period expiration
  • Improved license generation
  • Fixed multiple language related issues in Viewer
  • Fixed multiple issues related to Viewer functionality on mobile devices
  • Fixed multiple minor misspellings in Dashboard and Designer
  • Fixed a minor issue with digital signature configurations in Designer. This should slightly improve performance of Designer
  • Fixed an issue with "if not" condition where condition statement was validated incorrectly in some specific scenarios
  • Fixed lookup action in Adobe Reader mode
  • Fixed notification messages in Adobe view
  • Fixed an issue when field value was not committed if submit was clicked without losing focus from the field
  • Fixed an issue when fields with format masks cause validation errors each time users add a character into a field
  • Fixed an issue when changing font family for labels did not affect on rendering in Acrobat and Viewer
  • Renamed "Language and Format" section in Designer to "Date and Currency format".
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