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In some cases scenarios requires to submit PDF form externally to SharePoint libraries using email submit. PDF Share Forms Cloud provides such functionality with two possible configurations:

  • Basic;
  • Custom Exchange.

Configurations can be found in External Systems section of Dashboard Settings tab.

Note: in order to have access to email settings, user should have "Administrator" role in Dashboard.

The idea behind this feature is to set an email address which will be used to receive submitted PDF forms. Once email with attached form arrives to the configured mailbox, special web job scans arrived email and puts attached PDF form from it to the SharePoint library where submitted form should be saved.

Note: email settings are configured for whole SharePoint Online tenant.


By default "Basic" configuration is enabled. It uses mailbox provided by PDF Share Forms:

Note: this mailbox can be used by multiple customers and SharePoint tenants. While users do not have access to the actual mailbox, it is recommended to configure Custom Exchange to ensure more flexible approach and control over mailbox. Also it will increase web job performance as it will need to process emails submitted only to a single SharePoint Online tenant.

Custom Exchange

Custom Exchange can be configured by selecting "Custom Exchange" mode in Email Settings:

In order to configure custom exchange, it is required to fill in following information:

  • EWS account - an actual mailbox where PDF forms will be submitted;
  • EWS password - password for the mailbox where PDF forms will be submitted;
  • EWS Url - exchange web services url, can be automatically discovered by checking "Autodiscover" check box.

Once required fields are filled in, user can test used email address:

The idea is to use configured email address in Custom Exchange to send email address to some mailbox entered by the user in "Your email address" field in testing section. Click on "Send email" button to send an email.

As the result, following email message will appear in user's mailbox:

Once configuration is finished, click on "Save Settings" button to apply configurations.

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