Form flattening after submit

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This article describes how to automatically flatten form by using workflow after form is submitted.

Step 1. Open Share Point Designer 2013 → open the site → select Workflows

Step 2. Start new workflow creation by selecting a library where the workflow will be published. Select List Workflow → select the library


Step 3. Add workflow name

Click OK.

Step 4. Click in Stage 1. section


Step 5. Click Action on the ribbon → find PDF Share Forms IW actions → select Flatten PDF Form


Step 6. Click on "this" and specify that "Current Item" will be flattened

 Click OK.

Step 7. Click in Transition to stage section → click Action → select Go to a stage


Step 8. Select "End of Workflow" in Go to stage action


Step 9. Set workflow to trigger automatically by checking "Start workflow automatically when item created" in Start Options of Workflow Settings

Step 10. Publish the workflow by clicking on Publish button

Step 11. Open new form instance and fill in the fields

Step 12. Once form is submitted, workflow will be triggered automatically


Step 13. Open form again - all fields are flattened



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